The Rev. Jeff Greer, pastor at Grace Chapel in Mason, Ohio has a heart for helping widows and orphans. But working with At Work on Purpose helped him grow into another passion—marketplace ministry.

The leadership of Grace Chapel began ministry outreach in 1996 with the formation of Back2Back, an organization dedicated to widow and orphan care worldwide. In 2004, the church established Self Sustaining Enterprises (SSE) in Africa with H20 Nigeria, a for-profit venture to drill fresh water wells ensuring clean drinking water for the residents of Jos in Plateau State.

The Grace Chapel campus is “home base” for SSE, and has opened its facility space for faith-based entrepreneurial ventures. They include a sports complex, an ink transfer technology company, corporate consulting and marketing firms, a hair salon and an interior design studio. SSE calls these Christ-centered social enterprises “biznistries”, and Jeff Greer and Chuck Proudfit have co-authored the book BIZNISTRY.

Off-campus initiatives include an aquaponics learning model to provide fish and vegetables at Krohn’s Conservatory and the Cincinnati Zoo that showcase innovative approaches to urban agriculture.

“I didn’t think I would find such joy in ministering to people in the marketplace,” says Greer. “We can help people succeed in business and engage them spiritually at the same time.”