Greg_OrcuttGreg Orcutt, (Cincinnati) Parkside Christian Church, had been a member of At Work on Purpose’s Faith at Work monthly roundtable session for five years when he was struck by a new possibility. The concepts he was learning should be available to everyone, everywhere—not just those who could attend an in-person roundtable discussion. He began defining the Mission2Monday mission with 15 to 20 fellow Parkside Christian members at monthly ministry meetings in 2011. He then worked with AWOP founder Chuck Proudfit to develop a DVD curriculum that could be useful for all Christians anywhere.

Mission2Monday is a small-group study series that guides participants towards faith-filled lives at work. It offers a robust, biblically-based model for application in any job or industry. All video sessions include teaching from Proudfit, with interactive discussion materials and matching handouts for the group facilitator. The six-week program includes videos that last from five to 10 minutes. Coupled with study questions and case studies, the program is a vehicle for discussion. Each segment lasts about an hour.

“The purpose of Mission2Monday is to provide an easy way to share workplace ministry,” said Proudfit. ‘The format makes it simple for a leader to teach concepts through the video and accompanying handouts that can be printed from the DVD kit.”

“This program has affected people to the point it has them thinking on a regular basis, ‘How can God use me today?’” said Orcutt. “That may not have been on the forefront of their minds prior to the M2M meetings. Or, people who used to feel isolated at work can now share their feelings and thoughts in a supportive environment. Mission2Monday provides more resources to help us share our faith at work for all of us.”

The Mission2Monday tool is a perfect launch pad for work life ministry through your local church. Click at left for more information, or to order a copy of Mission2Monday.