A Gift With No Expectations

Two times involving a gift were memorable in the most unique way.

  1. One time a lady from our extended family gave me a gift to express the way my thoughts ministered to her heart during a dark time. It was a cute gift that was given to me over 15 years ago. It was a box. I opened it, and inside there was another box. Then inside a still smaller box. Each smaller box came with a nice message of kindness and thanks. The last part of the box was the smallest one, and it had a tiny aluminum cross machined out in a beautiful shape. I never forgot it. Each box represented a simple parallel truth….
    • Each box represented a conversation we had in encouragement and support.
    • Each box represented a special level of empathy and understanding.
    • Each box started with a conversation, but always ended with the cross being the focus.

    Whether it be for a holiday picnic, family visit, or at a larger reunion-type atmosphere, we would find a way to talk and share. Each conversation we had involved the Lord, His majesty and provisions, and the incredible way the Lord worked through each one of our lives as we had cancer. I treasure that little gift, and I still have it.

  2. Another time more recently, a dear friend of mine knew I was having some heart issues. I felt tired all the time, and the medication prescribed made me even more sluggish. I had an issue with my truck that required immediate corrective action. Although I asked him to help me, the Lord spoke to him with a plan different than the one I was preparing. My friend insisted on taking my truck and doing the necessary corrective work by himself (but with the help from another guy).

    I felt helpless and relieved at the same time. His extension of kindness and empathy grew the appreciation of our friendship.

    John 15:13 says – “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

    The funny thing is that my friend’s name is John……

How is it we can intimately feel the perceptible gifts with the human senses, but can’t fully embrace the enormity of the gift Jesus gave on the cross. I have to stop sometimes, and just seriously dwell on the decision He made to give something we couldn’t possibly return. So much more importantly is the salvation gift, but the little ones we choose to extend to others impacts eternity, as well. Pray about a person who has been on your heart, and do something innovative that can’t be repaid. That touch from God through you is a true measure of what a gift ought to be.

“Lord, gifts are such unique things. We can give them. We can receive them. We can watch folks give them to others. And we can watch God give gifts to others. Help us understand the size of the gift is not the entire issue. The piece of someone’s heart is immeasurable and constitutes the highest price. Jesus did that for us. Allow us to extend that value into someone’s life right away. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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