A Risky Adventure

By now we have all no doubt heard the term “bucket list”. Personally I don’t care for the term as old people come to mind and my status is “new 40’s” for the unforeseeable future. Let’s say I have this desire for adventure. This desire led me to snowmobiling in Yellowstone a few years ago followed up by a 60+ mile hike on the Appalachian Trail and then a CEO motorcycle trip in San Diego.

The latest is a dream of a cross-country motorcycle trip with my son. This desire with the fact that a neighbor down the street was selling his Honda Goldwing seemed to mesh perfectly. I bought the motorcycle. A few local trips built my confidence but then two incidences brought a new reality.A couple of friends wanted to take this “new rider” to a local restaurant about a 40-minute trip away. We arrived fine but the parking lot had a slight pitch and when I maneuvered the bike toward a parking spot, it went down before I knew it. Other than a bruised rib and no noticeable damage to the cycle it was a positive learning experience.

Two weeks later my son and I were out for a ride and we pulled into an Arby’s restaurant for a break and drink. Then it happened. Being somewhat nervous in parking lots anyway I stopped when I entered and then when I started up again I over-accelerated hitting the side of a parked car damaging the car and bike with a slight bump to my knee. Have you ever heard the term “whisky throttle”?My son informed me that’s what I so elegantly performed. He even sent links to You Tube videos on this topic to ease my discouragement.

Now, torn between continuing the adventure or calling it quits is where the mental struggle begins. This month’s Inc. 500 magazine pointed out that the most successful business owners excel in three areas (according to Gallup). They are risk taking, business focus and determination. To quit now is to admit defeat going against my entrepreneurial spirit. A friend recommended a risk and reward analysis for a good decision. Now the reality; God has entrusted me with a growing business including a wonderful staff, a growing non-profit ministry, the lead in a Bible Study class not to mention family and doubtless areas I am not even aware of.

Several years ago while leading a study on the “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren I came to a conclusion to the life question, how do we know we are following God’s purpose? My deduction to the answer is, when it works!When we are on a path hitting major obstacles along the way is an indication that perhaps we are following a path outside God’s graces and we should stop, pray and evaluate.

Well, the risk analysis brought me to the realization that to risk the fiduciary to God, constituents and family is simply not justified.

It’s time to seek a less risky adventure. Anyone in the market for a Gold Wing?

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