A Series Truck Fixed and A Soul Redeemed

My regular prayer is: “Lord, send someone my way who needs You.” Or “Lord, send me to someone who needs You.”

Who answers that particular prayer? Important question…

Clue: Who is the ONLY one who can answer prayer? Answer: The Lord, of course.

Question: How does He answer any prayer? Answer: By ANY means He wants to.

Question: How would God answer MY prayer?  I find out when He wants to show me.

True example, with background first:
As many already know, my wife was in a car crash when someone hit her from behind while she was stopped at a traffic light. She was shoved into the car in front of her, damaging both ends and subsequently totaling the vehicle. She was hurt and taken care of right away. Now we are temporarily down to one vehicle, my truck.

But it needed new calipers and brake pads, so I put it on jack stands and dis-assembled the brakes. I removed the brake rotors and my neighbor dropped me off at a local repair place, so I could get by brake rotors turned. While waiting in the seats furnished at the shop, I struck up a conversation with a woman who was also having her car worked on. She appeared to be under stress, so I explained Jesus to her, and that I used to be an atheist. Christ changed my life forever, I explained. I told her some stories about my faith and experiences and explained how rich a life I now live because I am God’s property now that I have been redeemed by His blood.

She took an interest and asked several increasingly deep questions about God, faith, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. redemption, and living a Christian life. She told me about her special needs teenage daughter, and all she has to juggle to get by. As I answered them one-by-one, the Lord prompted me to ask her if she wanted that peace that passes all understanding. I asked if she wanted to have her name written in the Book of Life. She said, “Yes.” I told her she could have it right now, and she responded that she wanted it right now.

So, I asked her to follow me outside away from the waiting area, and we stopped by a tire rack and I led her in a prayer of confession, forgiveness, and re-birth. She lifted her head crying and smiling from ear to ear. She said she never felt that way before! Then I asked if I could pray for her daughter, and she said “yes” as she started crying all over again. She was so grateful! Since then, I have put her in touch with a lady I know who is a strong Christian in similar circumstances. I also have been texting Bible verses to her with encouraging words and prayers.

Did I know God was going to intervene that day? Did I know God was going to guide her to me, or guide me to her? I certainly didn’t know. There is SO much more to that story that’s incredible. But it shows that when we are serious about prayer and being in His service, He will assign and arrange events that will bring people together for His purpose. Do you want to have adventures in Christ? Pray for them, and then EXPECT them!

“Lord, thank You for providing ways to meet people who need You.  Thanks for Your faithfulness in bringing circumstances to bear for Your will to be done! Please bring us all to a place where we can be fruitful and purposeful; in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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