“Can spiritual contribution in the workplace have transformational impact for a nation”?

Jesus highlights two complementary dimensions of the Great Commission in scripture. We find an individual mandate in Mark 16:15, to “preach the gospel to all creation”. We find a corporate mandate in Matthew 28:19-20, to “make disciples of all the nations.” It’s striking here that Jesus does not say to make disciples in all the nations, but rather of all the nations.

As the Church, we have focused on the individual mandate, and neglected the corporate mandate. Yet in scripture, we find the corporate mandate repeatedly reinforced. In Colossians 1:19-20, the Apostle Paul describes the full scope of salvation as reconciling all things to Himself, an Atonement that encompasses everything that was lost, in heaven and on earth – which must therefore include nations. In Revelation 21:24-27, we find rulers marching at the head of their nations, with the names of those present written in the “Lamb’s book of life”.

When any one of us individually advances God’s Kingdom through spiritual service at work, we have an impact within our sphere of influence. Should all of us collectively advance God’s Kingdom through work, together we eventually reach the entire world – nation upon nation – from our overlapping spheres of influence.

As individuals we can be “salt and light” where we work, and our working witness then sets a higher standard that disciples individuals around us. When we lead organizations to become benchmarks for superior performance, we attract the imitation of similar organizations around us and disciple industries. Christian leaders on the national stage, who advance the common good through wise executive, legislative and judicial choices, disciple the nations they serve.

The workplace is the heart of a nation. As its products and services flow forth in business, education and government, the working world supplies a nation’s quality of life. In other words, our vocational work is a strategic starting point for spiritual transformation in a nation.

By supporting the nation transformation movement, At Work on Purpose is advancing its vision to restore full Christian commitment and contribution to work.

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