“What does it look like to have an active faith life at work in today’s world”?

This question is a great starting point for spiritually shaping our work lives. Faith at work was natural for the Early Church, which had deep roots in the workplace – the apostles came from the workplace; it was a central staging area for their ministry; and God moved supernaturally in their midst. Unlike so many of us in contemporary society, the first Christ followers were passionately committed to faith expression at work. They were intentional to make wise spiritual choices about the way they worked and lived.

The Early Church chose to integrate rather than isolate, viewing work as one aspect of a full life of faith. They chose to respond rather than resist, embracing God’s vocational call on work life. They chose to commit rather than compromise, upholding God’s standards of conduct at work. They chose to serve rather than sit back, ministering to felt needs emerging at work. They chose to steward rather than spend, viewing the resources of the work world as belonging to God for His purposes, including a generous spirit of philanthropy.

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