As in the Days of Noah

Clunk! The noise was heard as God, Himself closed the door of the ark that God told Noah to build. Noah did not close the door. God did. Why an ark? It is not known why God chose this
method to end the lives of everyone on the earth except 8 people. But it was HIS decision. No further discussion. And it was clear His intention was to erase all the out-of-control wickedness of the humanity He created to worship HIM.

The Book of Matthew, chapter 24 specifically calls out what it is going to be like as the hourglass begins to run out. There were many years in the past when people would talk about how violent every society was getting, and they thought it couldn’t get much worse. But they were all mistaken.

The strong light of our faith in Jesus Christ exposes the dark underbelly of the growing sin problems of this world. When we pray, we gain strength. When we pray, we bring the power of our Creator into equations of business relations, personal life, finances, and relationships. When we utilize the Holy Spirit’s ability to move in and through us, we build bridges and win souls to our Lord.

Imagine the NEW ark. It is the ark of the rapture of the church. The Lord Himself will appear and call all His children up to be with Him. Our purpose is to touch as many lives as possible
in an effort to make sure as many others as possible can join us up there with Him! We don’t want any left behind. There will be some, of course because Jesus said wide is the pathway to destruction, and narrow is the way to Him. Wide was the way to be outside the ark, too.

Imagine the application of At Work On Purpose focus to change the woke world into a faithbased work world. There is the cancer of appeasement in the air, and it’s corrupting organizations in an accelerating domino effect. Christians are now being targeted as terrorists. Noah was harassed as a fool. The parallels are astonishing.

So, let us not be discouraged because “Greater is he that is in Me, than he that is in the world.” We can have joy. We can have confidence. We can have purpose. We can have hope. We can choose to be obedient. We can embrace the power in the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to do mighty things! Joshua was obedient in surrounding the original Jericho, and the “….walls came a tumblin’ down.” The walls of wickedness are thick with sin, corruption, violence, and deception. Yet, the willingness of a single person who helped out Joshua’s spies, was allowed to survive. We can be part of breaking down evil, and building up the walls of integrity, accountability, honesty, authenticity, and transparency. Humans already KNOW there is a God, but the evil one seeks to suppress that.

Be not sad at the conditions around us that seem to be falling apart. They have already been prophesied that they are only falling into place. Now is the time to be bold without being arrogant, confident without being prideful, and empathetic without being codependent with appeasement. Love the ones around us, because we never know when a particular one will be the next major leader is workplace evangelism!

“Lord, fill us with Your abilities, Your insight, Your discernment, and Your passion. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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