As We Define Reality

Butter is real. And it tastes great melted over popcorn, with a sprinkling of salt.

Air is real. We breathe it to stay alive. It was provided for us by God. It is primarily composed of:
Nitrogen – 78%
Oxygen – 20%
Argon – 0.9%
Carbon Dioxide 0.4%
Trace elements The rest
Water vapor in the gasses averages 0.4%

The universe is real. We can observe it, measure it, and experience it. It is material fact.

But what is real that we can’t see? What about magnetism? Or gravity? There is clear evidence. Or what can we know is real, but can’t see? What about love? About hate, About apathy?

We know humans have brains, but what can we know about the mind?

DNA is real, and all people basically have the same number of genes (around 25,000), and a similar amount of DNA (over 3 billion base pairs!). Most of our differences aren’t caused by having a different number of genes. Instead, many of our differences come from having different versions of the same genes. It might be impossible to say whether the number of “possible” humans is truly infinite, but
what we can say is that the number is huge, like: 4300 That number is SO big! Just 430 = 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 combinations with only 8,100,000,000 in the world!

So 4300 = 414,951,556,888,100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

And add 126 MORE zeros! And OUR God created all this complexity with ONLY 8 blood types!

1,000 typical human hairs is only 6” tall. 500,000,000 human hairs would reach the moon. With that, think about the variability that God built into the human DNA.

Yet the mind is even more complex! God created humans in HIS image, fact. Not from apes.

Reality is viewed all around us! But how we view it is based on many things, Some absolutely deny the existence if God, even when presented with overwhelming evidence. But we also know that evil lurks around every turn! That is reality, as well.

The complexities of our reactions reflect our understanding of who God is. But realize Satan wants us NOT to appreciate the Lord.

“Lord, with all this reality around us, there is also something else that can’t be seen, and that’s prayer! Imagine our neglect of one of the most powerful things in the universe! Bring us to that point of recognizing You, Lord! We are all made fearfully and wonderfully! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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