Autumn Lesson

The first crisp morning rolls in, and the sounds of leaves landing on the ground began. The soft flutters of a few leaves gave way to the building clatter of hundreds of leaves releasing their hold on spindly attachments to the trees as winds picked up. Gravity
takes over, and soon thousands of leaves find resting places on my grass. The eventual accumulation builds until the grass can no longer be seen.

To regain the view of my grass, I need to exert labor to take care of what’s blocking that view. I mean, after all; I didn’t plant the grass so that it couldn’t be seen, and be choked out by all this unwanted stuff, right?

It’s interesting how God provides examples EVERYWHERE of His principles. The Lord redeems us TO BE SEEN. The Evil one does NOT want people to see the wonder of the many types of grasses all over the world. Like our lives……. The Lord wants our focus!

We are made to be seen. We are made to be an impact on those who gaze upon our lives. Our obedience to Him in how we live needs to be a visible testimony. So, what could cloud that view of this powerful message? Sin and bad choices. When we look at those piles of leaves, we can’t see the tree roots, mole holes, dead branches, lost toys from the neighbor kids, or even a snake that could be insulating itself from the chilly air. These things could be lying hidden beneath. Whether we use a powerful blower of a simple rake, pushing or pulling all the sin debris out of the way allows us to clearly see what is in our paths as we walk through this life. Popular stately resorts keep their grounds neat and tidy. They MUST keep things cleaned up, or tourism drops off!

But removing sin is work, and too many believers do not want to exert the effort to clean up around them so they can walk uprightly in the Lord. A clear view results in minimizing stumbling, tripping, and even falling down. We also know that the fewer the “leaves”, the more productive OTHER people’s walks can be. Our condition affects others, with certainty! Question: Would you rather walk where you know where you’re walking, or walk across a surface that has unknown properties hidden under a covering? I even know artists who use chalk to create a picture of a gaping hole on a sidewalk, and passers by would rather walk in the grass that attempt to walk on a known concrete surface than believe the visual trick.

It takes work to keep praying. It takes work to maintain integrity. It takes work to run your business ethically. It takes effort to foster good friendships and build on them. But when sin creeps in slowly like falling leaves, it obscures not only OUR view, but the view of OTHERS, and ultimately affects His message through us. Let’s keep our lives raked up, and transparent for the Lord to use to lead others to the cross.

“Lord, implant in us the hunger and appetite for keeping things like our behavior, our discussions, our actions, and our spiritual disciplines all cleaned up, so Your display is in full view and uninterrupted. Allow us to take steps clearly, even though Satan wants
us to fail by blocking our paths. Thank You in advance for the incentive to honor You!
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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