“Back to the Future Predicted?” The Road to Revival (Part 25 of a Series)

Ah, the movie trilogy called “Back to the Future.” It is kind of a cool flick for enjoyment purposes. As a science devotee, I liked the developments in the movie. And, as preposterous as it seems, I enjoyed learning how to exactly predict a lightening strike. Or the flying trains… Or Deloreans that have flux capacitors…  “Back to the Future” started it. And “Back to the Future II” took us into the future to 2015 (what a hoot when we think of it now, because it is next year!). “Back to the Future III” took us back to the 1880’s. Why am I talking about “Back to the Future?”  Well, let’s take a look:

Can I really go back into the past? Ah, no.

Can I really go forward into the future? Ah, no.

But we ARE living in the present. Ah, yes!

Even though the past is written already, God can do things with it that we cannot. How? Well, God doesn’t operate on a clock. He has been known to stretch days by several hours (in Joshua’s case in Joshua 10:12-14) or make the day go actually backwards (in Isaiah’s time in II Kings 20:8-11 when talking with the dying Hezekiah). But what we DO know is that the road we take through this life will be based on actions we take every day. And how we respond to God’s urgings through the Holy Spirit will determine what the outcomes will be. Prayer can take past events that can’t be changed. It can place thoughts and ideas into people’s hearts when they think of things you have said over the years through these prayers. Blessings will multiply!

As we look at a railroad, the movie “Back to the Future III” shows some vivid portrayals of how God works. If we are on a careening steam locomotive in life and the Lord tells us to do something, we need to go as fast as He tells us, and as soon as He tells us. He KNOWS the future, and He knows what He wants to accomplish through His children.

In the movie, a railroad track spur off the main line ends at a ravine where the tracks protrude out past the edge of the cliff, and supposedly connect to a future bridge that hasn’t been built yet. In the same way, the Lord has similar ways of completing all the necessary details in our lives. He will build ANY bridge to ANY opportunity to accomplish His will.  So when you have faith in Him, you’ll proceed out onto that spur, and cross that impossible chasm His way!

We tend to doubt too much, and miss the blessing of obedience. So, “full steam ahead!”

“Lord, You know the way. Guide us along the pathways of Your direction even though we can’t see into the future to know exactly what You want. In Christ’s name, amen.”


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