Becoming a Holy Spirit Hot Spot Part 3


Believing in the Universal Presence of the Spirit—And Letting it Flow Through On-theSpot Prayer

Last time we wrote about being enabled to detect where the Spirit of God was working in our midst.

By becoming astute Spirit detectors, we’re enabled to be effective Spirit projectors—or like I like to say it, become Holy Spirit Hot Spots.

How did God’s people of old do that? And why should we believe that is even possible?

Quite simply, because the Bible—and more importantly, Jesus—tells us so.

Let me explain.

How Jesus Described the Gospel

Contrary to common misconceptions, Jesus’ own version of the gospel was something quite different than many people would guess it to be. He didn’t say, “Repent, because I’m coming to die for your sins,” although indeed, He did do that. He didn’t say, “Repent, because I’m going to inaugurate a new era of social justice,” although compelling arguments can be made that the movement He started indeed has made great strides in that area.

What Jesus said was the Gospel was astounding, and it explains why we can be certain that the Holy Spirit is indeed working even in our workplaces. Notice how He words it.

Mark 1:15 New International Version

15 “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near.
Repent and believe the good news!”

That was it. “Repent,” he said. Why? “Because the Kingdom of God has come near. In me—and in those in whom I live. That’s right. In you!

In the presence of Jesus, the fullness of the Kingdom was available to anyone in His presence. Where He went, things always got better. He’d go to a wedding, and their water would turn into wine (John 2). He’s walk into a room where someone was dead, and the place of death would become a place of life (Matthew 9:25). Things got better, because Jesus, full of the Spirit of ConneXion, made access to the parallel universe we call “the kingdom of heaven” abundantly near. Because Christ is in His people, the same thing happens in our presence.

We can bring the Kingdom of Heaven near. And as a result, things can improve in our workplace.

Two More Famous Biblical Examples.

The story of two famous marketplace ministers comes to mind. The first one is Joseph. The second one is Daniel.

Where ever Joseph would go, things simply got better. Joseph ended up a slave (employee) in Potiphar’s “business,” and things got better (Genesis 39:2-6). Joseph ended up in prison, and before it was said and done, he was granted the boss’s trust and supervisory responsibilities for his management savvy (Genesis 39:20-23). Joseph ends up in Pharoah’s court, and Egypt’s food share values constantly went up when all the rest of the known world’s were going down (Genesis 41). God’s Spirit was active in him. He proved what Jesus said to be happy about—the Kingdom of God is not cut off from man or far away. The Kingdom of Heaven is near.

Daniel also comes to mind. He’s forced to get a job he doesn’t like in a company he never chose, and the presence of God’s blessing comes to the attention of his immediate supervisor. Before you know it, the company’s head (the king) puts him in his service (Daniel 1). He even helps the “Company” survive in down times, yes, even in times when indeed it did seem the boss had lost his Babylonian marbles (Daniel 3). He held the business together. And the king/boss recognized something about him. He misnamed the Spirit, but he archly said to Daniel, in effect, “I need your help.” Why him? Because he knew “the spirit of the holy gods” was in him (Daniel 4:18).

Holy Spirit Projecting and Detecting

By being “full of the Spirit” workers in a company, the Scripture shows amazing things can happen in what seem to be very secular settings. We can be the visionaries that help take the organization to the next level. We can integrate our spiritual lives and prayers into what seems to be the “secular” lives and businesses we work in. Because Jesus wants to project the same message through us.

“Cheer up, boss. I know things look bad. But I’ve got an in with the Big Guy. We can survive this downtime. It might take a bit of inspired visioning. But we can do this. How do I know? My boss told me this. The kingdom of heaven is near. And I want to use my prayers, and my spiritual gifts to not only help this company survive but help it thrive.”

Are you afraid your boss might reject that? Let me next time share the journey I’ve had with you about knowing how to be a Holy Spirit Hot Spot not afraid to use one of the greatest powers He’s given us to manifest the Kingdom in our Marketplace midst—the power of on-the-spot prayer.

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