“Can We Get There From Here?” The Road To Revival (Part 24 of a Series)

“Let’s go to Colorado to ski!”  or “Let’s go on a cruise!”  or  “Let’s go to the moon!”  “Wait a minute,” you say, “the moon?”

These exciting goals can fill us with anticipation! Skiing in the Rockies and seeing different countries and sights can be awesome. And there’s nothing like blasting off on top of a Saturn 5 rocket and being hurled into space. A view of earth from 100,000 miles away must be breathtaking.

Air planes travel using roads in the air called Victor airways, and are designated by V, J or Q highways in the air. If you travel by boat, they also have global highways called shipping lanes. These are vital because they direct the ships clear of submerged shipwrecks, reefs, sandbars and pirates at large. If we travel off course in going to the moon and don’t follow the trajectory, it would be the end to our mission. But we can get there if we know who designed the routes.

So, what’s the great “mission” for own lives? Who should we look to for guidance along the way? Who can counsel us along the routes in our lives to direct us through exhilarating experiences, through heart-breaking sorrow and grief, or through the mazes of complexity in relationships and family? God can. Who knows what would rejuvenate us and revive us? God does. Who would also know the incredible detail it took to create a universe filled with the largest of galaxies, and the tiniest of sub-atomic particles? God does. And only God knows all the things to be done before He closes out the timeline for this planet. He wants us on the prescribed routes to avoid the reef of procrastination and the sandbars of excessive “to-do lists.” We wans us on the paths in order  to avoid collisions and crashing in flames.

Look at each one of our “roads.” The Lord birthed us at this point in this age. Why? Because He needs US here at this moment in time! In the midst of the current turmoil, God wants us totally committed to His work and revived to meet the goals He has set. Can we get there?

Our roads are converging.

Our roads are holy ground.

Our roads are pointing to a glorious revelation.

Our roads are for us.

Our roads are by Him.


I’m tired of walking. I want to run.

I want to witness effectively and to obey Him deeply.

I want to fight the evil one completely.

I want a unified church, not the world church.

Lord,       Guide me.

Point me.

Enable me.

Revive me like the First Century Church.

“Lord, You know the way. Guide us along our roads as we do what You want in this stretch of our existence. Allow us to make a powerful impact on our roads. in Christ’s Name, Amen.”

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