Don’t Go Down with the Ship

“Lord, with temptations of every sort swirling around us, make the temptations VERY visible so that we can PRAY, SEEK YOU, and ALLOW the Holy Spirit to turn us from what’s obviously before us! We don’t want to be at the bottom as an unseen, rusted, unusable vessel for You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

As We Define Reality

The universe is real. We can observe it, measure it, and experience it. It is material fact.

Real Reason for All Green Lights

It wasn’t really that far. I was going to visit a friend about 25 miles away, and was expecting the trip to take maybe 40 – 45 minutes due to the number of traffic lights between my home and my destination.

Prayer Prism in Action

The ship was in trouble. The GPS and navigation instruments had failed, so the captain dug out the old paper maps of the coast and the dangerous shoals. Although the captain realized the danger his ship was in, he had a gut feel that there were some lighthouses along the coast in the most hazardous areas. Before long, the darkness swept in; complicating the issue.

Autumn Lesson

The first crisp morning rolls in, and the sounds of leaves landing on the ground began. The soft flutters of a few leaves gave way to the building clatter of hundreds of leaves releasing their hold on spindly attachments to the trees as winds picked up.

Is Hardship a Gift?

I would not want to give anyone a broken leg as a Christmas present (not even my own). I would not want to give anyone gout, COVID, blindness, or any infirmity because I don’t want to hurt people.

Building On WHAT Rock?

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He’s MY King

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Guard Your Garden

The entire thing was wilting. The leaves drooping. The effect wasn’t immediate, but gradual. I knew something was really wrong. … Read