City. Gospel. Movements.

I’ve heard each of these words separately over the years, more times than I can count. But during the last decade, I’ve seen the significance of combining them into an integrated global focus on City Gospel Movements – the whole church, bringing the whole gospel to the whole world, one city at a time. There are many pioneers in this space, including Pastor Tim Keller (, The Center for Faith and Work (, The NYC Leadership Center (, and Kevin Palau (, to name just a few. As a citywide workplace ministry, At Work on Purpose has the blessing of participating in this space. We’re a community of Christ followers embracing work as worship across the city of Cincinnati, and far beyond. We’re engaging our network of “faith active working Christians” not just to bring the light of Christ to the darkness of the work world; but to harness the resources of the workplace for the flourishing of the cities where we work, and where we live.

To reflect on 10 years of progress in city gospel movements, here’s a fun podcast put together by my friends Stephanie Wieber, Lizzie Ng, Fred Conklin, Kaedyn House and Kevin Palau:
Listen Here.

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