Coming of Age

Do you remember when you were transitioning from teenager to a young adult? When you were, as we like to say, “coming of age”? In those earlier years, we found ourselves half child and half adult, trying to secure our identity and seize our future at the same time.

I believe that work matures us spiritually in a similar fashion. The ministry side of work is typically unfamiliar to us, and we make halting progress – much like a child. Meanwhile, the “weekend church goer” in us is more seasoned and adept with the non-work aspects of spiritual life – much like an adult.

Taking Work Spiritually in Stride
Celebrate the discomfort you may feel as you grow in your capacity to be a minister in the workplace. Just like a good weight lifting session, where we grow stronger through tiny tears in our muscles, we also grow more mature in Christ as we begin to take work ministry more “spiritually in stride”.

You’ll know you’re maturing spiritually at work when you begin to see God working through others to effect change, even when you had no direct contribution. It means you’ve developed the spiritual capacity to see work life ministry “on the move” through God’s ongoing initiative in the people around you.

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