Over the last few decades, two major conversations within global Christianity have evolved into distinct movements. The City Movement is a little younger but has gained traction globally more quickly than the Faith, Work, and Economics Movement, which has been developing for many decades.

Each has its own thought-leaders, conferences, and practitioners. They are growing separately in the academy, and while some churches have recently turned their attention to one or the other, or both, neither movement has implanted significantly into the local church.

The necessary convergence is the collision and subsequent alignment of these two global movements. They must come together. This blog was created to contribute to that vision. As people of faith understand that their work matters to God, their neighbor, and their city, and that it points to the ultimate Shalom City, the New Jerusalem.

To this end, I’m teaming up with leaders in other cities who want to see these two movements collide. The first one I called was Chuck Proudfit in Cincinnati, OH who founded At Work on Purpose to mobilize the work world for Christ. I’m humbled to partner with them to better converge these two parallel movements.

I have the rare opportunity to work toward this convergence in my paid work and through a doctoral program, so I wanted a space to work out my thoughts for others to review, challenge, and encourage. This blog shares original content relevant to both movements, mixed in with personal reflections on various other topics, too.

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