We’re receiving global requests, from leaders looking to create citywide workplace support like Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

For more information on design and deployment, please contact Chuck Proudfit directly at chuck@atworkonpurpose.org.


Many employers have been compelled to layoff or furlough staff, and are seeking simple, affordable support for their employees.

For more information on our Displaced Employee Assistance Program (DEAP), contact John McCarthy at john@atworkonpurpose.org.


Purposity is a not-for-profit app that connects the physical needs of people, vetted through established local nonprofits, with locals who want to help through just a few clicks.

To consider Purposity or download the app, visit www.purposity.com.


One of our ministry partners, Heaven in Business, has a new book that is “spot on” for the spiritual challenges you may be experiencing right now as a Christian workplace leader.

To check out Finding Hope in Crazy Times, click HERE.