Don’t Go Down with the Ship

As the RMS Titanic struck the iceberg, EVERY person on the ship was affected. In fact, millions of people around the globe would be eventually touched by a floating vessel hitting a piece of ice, a very LARGE piece of ice…..

  1. There were only enough lifeboats for about 1/3 of the souls on board. The Titanic was able to carry 64 lifeboats, but only carried 20. And many of the lifeboats used were only partially filled.
  2. In 1912, the Titanic was almost 900 feet long, the largest of its time. For contrast, the largest cruise ship today is almost 1,200 feet long!
  3. 5 compartments of the ship were gashed and flooding, but the safety of floatation was designed that no more than FOUR compartments could flood for ship survival.
  4. The Titanic reportedly sank in four hours, but in reality it took only about 2 ½ hours.
  5. Only 37 seconds passed between the sighting of the iceberg and the collision. Six iceberg warnings before collision. Evidently, the most critical iceberg warning never made it to Captain Edward Smith because of the lack of the prefix MSG, meaning Masters’ Service Gram. This acronym would have required the captain to personally acknowledge receipt of the message. Because it did not have the MSG prefix, the senior radio operator did not think the message was important.

So, what’s so important about the Titanic in this blog, spiritually speaking? There are many direct parallels spiritually speaking, to this sad, sad story, and I highlighted just 5 of the MANY available.

  1. People go through life, knowing it will not always be smooth sailing, Some days; rocky seas, fog, and other maritime traffic, can create imbalance. But some things come into our sphere so quickly, there is almost no time to react. And many people (even believers) are not properly prepared to face the days surprises, unless there is time with God in prayer, private worship, and Bible reading. They might be only 1/3 prepared……
  2. The size of the Christian is irrelevant. A senior pastor can fall victim to bad decisions as quickly as a new convert. A “title” does NOT be automatic immunity to sin.
  3. As believers, we plan on resisting temptations to remain as pure as we can. But if we are not careful, our resistance to concurring temptations can wear thin, and we can sink in our own decisions unless we steer clear of those things that can compromise our faith.
  4. When temptation flies at us from different directions, we must have made our mind up ahead of time to have the alternate plan to escape the temptation. If we have not planned strongly ahead of time, there is a huge possibility, we will be flooded with sin before we know it. Remember, it doesn’t take much to make the whole ship to sink. If there is trouble in the bow, it can be SURE that the engine room in the rear of the ship will suffer, as well! It happens fast.
  5. Once we realize the true danger in our spiritual lives from not allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us away from sin, it may be too late; and our reputations and integrity may slip under water.

“Lord, with temptations of every sort swirling around us, make the temptations VERY visible so that we can PRAY, SEEK YOU, and ALLOW the Holy Spirit to turn us from what’s obviously before us! We don’t want to be at the bottom as an unseen, rusted, unusable vessel for You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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