Dream with Me!

Here in Cincinnati, we’ve just launched a learning community of almost a dozen local churches building faith-based enterprises into their mix of ministry. For many of them, it’s a creative way to re-purpose local church facilities, with a number of blessings: 

(1) workplace ministry delivered through products and services during the work week;
(2) a “living laboratory” for experiencing the integration of faith and work among congregants; and
(3) revenue streams that can supplement tithes and offerings in local church operations.  

Beyond this, At Work on Purpose is dreaming of a citywide network of local churches in Cincinnati, focused on faith-based enterprises that seamlessly integrate business and ministry (what we call BIZNISTRY) to establish a citywide network prototype that sparks similar efforts across the country. Dream with us for your city! Let us know if we can be a resource for you in this creative workplace ministry niche.

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