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Exodus 2: No coincidences

Moses’ beginnings in Exodus 2 are fascinating, even more so when you consider that he was probably the one writing about them. The context of Exodus 1 is also important … Israelites in Egypt are far, far away from the time of Joseph, who was both respected and revered by the Egyptians. Now Pharaoh, who thinks they are “far too numerous” (NIV, Ex. 1.9 )and grows increasingly angry that they continue to multiply, oppresses them. They are enslaved. He orders the midwives to kill any Hebrew boy born.

Here, Moses’ story begins. One Hebrew baby boy born into a land “filled with them” (NIV, Ex. 1.6). Hindsight is always 20/20, and as Moses writes his own history under God’s divine inspiration, you see the connection of the God-ordered, in-no-way coincidental events of his life. Right now, we’re all in the midst of the present, the “grind,” the “day-to-day” in our work. It’s very hard (for me, almost impossible at times) to take a holistic look my current circumstances. However, I can look back and see the God-ordered, in-no-way coincidental events in my career that have led to the present. In many ways, they mirror Moses’ and I’m sure yours do too.

Protection.Moses’ parents manage to successfully hide him for three months, evading his murder. He escapes death in a basket on the Nile River. He escapes death at the hands of Pharaoh after killing an Egyptian. Supernatural protection is everywhere. When I look back on the events of my own life, and my career, I can see hundreds of instances where God protected me, shielding me even when I made stupid decisions.

Provision. Moses gets to be nurtured by his own family, and then has the amazing privilege of being adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, affording him education, training and perspective that would serve him well later. God plants deep within him a connection to his own Hebrew people, despite growing up as an Egyptian. God has provided me with connections, opportunities and education that I can’t tie to anything I’ve done or deserved.

Placement.Moses’ sister: in the right place at the right time to save his life and bring him home.  Moses at a random well in Midian: in the right place at the right time to meet his future wife. Moses in history: created, trained and guided to deliver the Israelites, in the right place at the right time. I’ve been in the right place at the right time, and it’s not a coincidence. It’s a God-ordained placement.

I’d like to think Moses felt the way I do when I take the time to look back on the events leading to the present. Amazed, thankful and confident anew that God is at work and there are no coincidences.

5 Questions to Ponder:

Monday: Looking back on your life, specifically your career, recall instances of God’s protection.

Tuesday: Looking back on your life, specifically your career, recall instances of God’s provision.

Wednesday: Looking back on your life, specifically your career, recall instances of God’s placement.

Thursday: In Exodus 2, there are many instances where Moses makes rash decisions or mistakes, yet God still enacts His plan for Moses’ life. How does this encourage you?

Friday: Pray that God will increase your desire to study His Word and seek encouragement to walk the Christian walk within it.

Author Bio:Mackenzie Pierce

I am a senior communications coordinator at Ohio National Financial Services in Montgomery, working primarily in employee and corporate communications, and truly enjoy the challenge and puzzle of employee engagement … most of the time. I love writing, reading, trying new foods and theater (watching and participating!). My husband and I recently celebrated our five-year anniversary and are expecting a baby in May!

Random Fact: As a child, I loved to read so much that when I ran out of books, I would read the product descriptions in catalogs …