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Genesis 12: Retire or Refire

As we experience or look ahead to later years of life, are we meant to retire or “refire?”  Do the privileged assignments from God to His people ever run out?

Abram was 75 years old (v. 4) when God sprung a fresh mission and vision upon him.  Yes, right about the time Abram was readying to downsize to a condo and renew his AARP membership, God says, “Go forth” (v. 1).  God indicates that He will do things with and through Abram in accordance with His master plan.  He has things to show him.  Through Abram, He has a nation in mind.  God will bless him and make him a blessing to others.  God will render powerless those who belittle Abram in this calling.

Without question, God desires to bless you and make you a blessing to others!  Won’t you see your workplace, the people and the tasks, as a special and unique assignment from God?  How might God want to “refire” you to be prepared, alert and intentional toward purposefulness at work? Who will you honor with a timely kindness today?  What action will you take to meet a need beyond your written job description?  How will you depend on God and make an effort to deepen a trust relationship with a co-worker or customer?  Won’t you ask God for an opportunity to show and share your faith with someone He’s prepared with interest and curiosity?

Barbershop owner, David Martinez, declares this thought of integrating one’s faith and work,

“To listen to people, to be an ear, and to create community – I think that’s the purpose.  Hopefully, through the chair and through loving and understanding and listening to people, they would, to put it in Christian terms, ‘see Christ through me.’  And they would see that and want to experience it for their own lives.”

In this day, this week – go forth with God and His blessing as one called to bless others!


Monday – Ask God what “refire” in your present or in your future might look like?  What impressions does He give you?

Tuesday – Won’t you be intentional about blessing someone today with a service, kind word, gift, listening ear or empathetic touch?

Wednesday – Won’t you experiment today with the reality of the Holy Spirit indwelling you and desiring to empower your life by inviting Him to teach you, comfort you or nudge you?

Thursday – Down deep within you, is there anything that you hope God never asks you to do?

Friday – What is the vice or shortcoming in your life at work that gets in the way of others seeing Christ in you?  Talk to Him about it.

Bio: Ron Touby

Ron likes to be about “amplifying the voice of purpose and possibility” with those unsettled about settling in life.  Leadership coaching and team/leader development facilitation gives him the regular opportunity for doing what he likes.  He believes there is great joy in hanging out with his wife, three daughters and one son-in-law.  He finds pleasure in having a book or golf club in his hands, too.  Ron resides in Mason, Ohio and partners regularly with At Work on Purpose.