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Genesis 25: The Unexpected

This passage captures me in so many ways. The part where Rebekah was about to give birth to her twins fills my heart with many emotions. She was faced with a challenging area she was not prepared for and didn’t know the reasoning behind. The twins she was going to give birth to was struggling in her womb. Have you ever had that happen to you, where you were faced with a challenging experience that you didn’t see coming?

In the workplace, we at times get faced with something unexpected that shows up. It is something you could have never seen come and you are not sure of the best way to handle it. These can be challenging moments, but also key moments. Because in these moments we are left with no option but to depend on something or someone with the solution. What catches my eye in the passage is the first instinct of Rebekah is to go straight to God. God then provided answers and gave assurance in that the conflict within her womb represented the events that would follow, and that this was part of His plan. A learning experience for me in this is even though the path may feel like a maze from our view, that in God’s point of view the path is one straight path. It’s helpful to remember that He wants us to come to Him. He wants us to ask for His help. The Lord is the Savior if the world. This can be hard in a workplace cause sometimes our plan and God’s plan don’t align. We are left to choose whether to depend on ourselves or God for the plan. Even though we may not know the entirety of God’s plan for us if we can just put our trust in Him. We find that His plan is above and beyond any plan we could ever come up with. He is Wisdom and All-Knowing. These are moments when we are tested on our level of trust in Him.

Now when you think of integrity, what is the first thing that pops in your mind?

Later on in the passage, Jacob and Esau grow up and the beginnings of what God foretold were starting to surface when Esau sells his birthright to Jacob. What strikes me is in looking at both of their point of view, that both were tested on integrity but in different ways. Jacob was filled with a lot of emotions that his brother would be given the birthright instead of Him and that he would serve Esau. Being filled with temptations, Jacob was faced with choosing to either cast away his pride and emotions for integrity, or cast away integrity and keep his pride and emotions to be deceitful. From the other point of view, Jacob was faced with integrity in standing up for his birthright, instead of denying and giving away. In the workplace, there are
many challenges we face in working with our co-workers, bosses, and colleagues. It can be hard to work together, especially if you don’t see eye to eye. The question is though. Am I going to keep my integrity and find a way to work together as a team, or am I going to let emotions take over and not find a way? Jesus was tested so many times and never denied His faith, never lowered His integrity. While at the same time never spoke or acted in deceit or wickedness.

Day 1: In what ways can God help you to grow in integrity more in your workplace?
Day 2: What is currently happening in your workplace that feels like a roadblock, but may actually be a means and intent for God’s plan in your life?
Day 3: After reading through Genesis 25, has God added an extra lense of depth to what integrity means to you?
Day 4: Is there an unexpected event or situation that occurred in your workplace that made it challenging for you? How do you find God is providing the solution?
Day 5: If you are or have recently been tested on integrity, how do you think God sees it from His point of view?

Bio: Daniel Mulligan
My name is Daniel Mulligan. I am a Christ-centered individual with a strong passion for building a stronger relationship with Him every day. I am a former mystery case medical patient. Jesus saved me from multiple near-deaths and have very much learned the importance of having Jesus as your Rock.