Eyes to See

We Christians have been so conditioned to see ministry opportunities in the context of local church ministry, or outreach missionary efforts, that we miss ministry opportunities right in front of us at work. Ministry at work is typically not part of a coordinated “program,” because it is unique to the work environment where God has placed us.

This does NOT mean work place ministry opportunities are any less significant spiritually. It simply means they are usually less observed, appreciated and handled. We don’t have to go through special training to start seeing ministry needs at work. We just need to start seeing issues and challenges at work through spiritual eyes.

Spiritual Eyes at Work
Last week I received a voicemail from a client I’ve worked with for years. She had just learned the wife of one of her employees was suffering emotionally from years of chronic illness in their household. The employer wanted to help but didn’t know what to do. The employee was afraid he would be seen as a “liability” at work if it were widely known that his wife was depressed and needed attention. The wife was not expecting help from anywhere, but especially not from an employer who provides just a paycheck.

I was so excited to find the employer was eager to be helpful, and had called me to ask for advice. We discussed next steps, and she is now acting on them. Here’s the bottom line: she’s following through to serve the employee’s wife because she has God’s heart to help, even though she is a spiritual seeker and not a Christian!

What about you? Have you developed spiritual eyes to see ministry needs at work?

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