I recently returned from a business trip, and for the first time – ever – I got to fly First Class! It was a fluke . . . a flight from Austin to Cincinnati with only 9 passengers, thus a massive upgrade from Coach. Here’s a photo from my First Class seat in the plane: a tablecloth (!!), a meal (quite a change from peanuts), and even champagne (I confess it was in the middle of a work day 😊 ). The seat back in front of me had lots of pockets, quite handy for storage. One of the pockets held the plane’s safety information, for reference in the event of a crash landing.


As I pondered the jarring dichotomy between my luxurious accommodations, and the safety risks of air travel, the Holy Spirit brought me a profound thought to ponder . . . when an airplane crashes, the injury and fatality risks are shared by all the passengers, whether Coach or First Class. Yet because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, I have the blessing of an eternity in First Class; whereas many First Class flyers don’t even know about the spiritual crash awaiting them in the absence of salvation. Thank you Lord for the eternal upgrade you’ve given me.


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