God’s Will, God’s Bill

The mail is opened, and there’s a bill from a local medical establishment. WHY?   Why would a random medical establishment send me a bill? Because they WANTED to?      Here’s a theory:

A need for medical attention was noticed by someone, maybe you or a family member. When initially diagnosed, it became apparent that a more knowledgeable resource would be required. So a trip to a medical establishment was required. Services were rendered, and a resolution achieved. Luke 10:7 says a man is worthy of his hire, and this meant someone has something that needed done, and found someone to do it. In a capitalist economy, it is simply trading something of value for something else of value. So if I took a family member to a doctor and ask him to DO something about an ailment, I would expect that doctor to recommend a remedy, a suggestion for further testing to get more details, or write a prescription for a medicine that would counteract a condition or disease. So, a doctor is worthy of his hire.

Let’s change the perspective a little. When the Lord asks us to do some task He wants us to be involved with, we need to ask a few questions. And maybe list some suggestions of why…

  • He wants us to be active in a personal relationship to win them to Christ, or invest in them.
    1. Because we are obedient.
    2. Because we have time or money.
    3. Because we are in the right location.
  • He wants us to be active in our career or place of vocation to bring Christian beliefs into focus.
    1. Because we have a prominent position,
    2. Because we know so many people in that field.
    3. Because there is a promotable position in the future.
  • He wants us to leave all the comforts of home, and go be a foreign missionary in a far-away place.
    1. Because God has nothing for us here.
    2. Because we have worn out our welcome in a particular congregation.
    3. Because far-away places are running out of missionaries.
    4. Because there might be a need for others to hear the Gospel.

To understand what the Lord does, we need to understand a basic fact: Genesis 1:1.  That’s IT.

God doesn’t NEED us to do anything! He WANTS us and CHOOSES us to be involved in HIS work. And there are not only temporary rewards and provisions for doing His work, but eternal rewards! God urges us through the Holy Spirit to do small things, big things, or impossible things.

If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill.

How many times have we forgotten that whenever the Lord wants us to do something, He will ALREADY have a way prepared to fund it, solve it, or reveal it. He doesn’t have partial plans. We need to remember that, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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