Guard Your Garden

The entire thing was wilting. The leaves drooping. The effect wasn’t immediate, but gradual. I knew something was really wrong. There was surety that there wasn’t going to be any beans this year. Almost all the stems to the maturing bean plants had been chewed off a little above the ground. Pretty soon, every bean plant would be rendered unproductive.

What had happened? A tornado? No. A plane crash? No. A runaway fertilizer spreader? No.

In fact, what the problem was could not be readily seen. It was sub-terranean. It was hidden by darkness. It was happening in secret. What was it? Vermin!!! Yes, the destructive intrusion of outside influences had sidetracked all the plans, and impacted the results of my labor and investments in a negative way.

Well, what could I have done differently? Was there anything that I could have anticipated, and counteracted to bring positive results for the harvest? I could mention herbicide. I could mention insecticide. I could mention screen wire and fencing. For persistent attackers, I could use higher voltage electric fence wires to deter the most egregious intruders. In fact, many garden owners spend pretty large sums of money to make sure the place where sustenance is, is safe and has so much at stake.

It is unfortunate that may believers think more of their food produce than their spiritual lives, and thus the resulting growth that the Lord is so eager for us to do. He wants a harvest through us! He wants us to share in His bounty! He wants us to bring encouragement, understanding, and His love to all those around us! The people we work with, vacation with, travel with, and worship with need to hear Him through us!

So where do the distractions, intrusions, perimeter violations come from? What hinders us from achieving high goals of productivity, purpose, and harvest? The things that we choose to take our eyes away from His callings are the pests that Satan brings, as well as our own sinful nature. We must be intentionally vigilant against ALL spiritual vermin that can get into our lives. We must use preventative measures and every precaution to keep our perimeter safe and secure.

Prayer is vital. Bible reading and comprehension with a concordance or commentary is important. Daily telling those around us about God’s salvation plan reinforces the urgency to others about the perils of unbelief. Being accountable to another person or small group that helps us focus on spiritually sound goals.

Choosing questionable content from unlimited available sources that are contrary to God’s purpose lets vermin in. Sometimes, it is easy to keep some of Satan’s distractions out. Some need a little more robust method. And some need the full high voltage applications of serenity, disciplined quiet times, powerful prayer life, and consistent attempts of telling people about Jesus!

Want results? Guard your garden. Want purpose in your life? Guard your garden.

Want to pile treasures in heaven? Guard your garden. Want to reach souls for our Lord? Guard your garden.

Want to influence and impact lives all around you and point to the cross? Guard your garden.

“Lord, help us guard our gardens so we can affect the outcome of the harvest!!! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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