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Hometown Hero: Katherine Helms

Katherine Helms’ vocational journey has just begun, but her depth and insight are reminiscent of someone much older. She graduated … Read

Hometown Hero: Cam Moss

The vocation journey for Cam Moss has taken him from the world of professional ministry into the world of the … Read

Hometown Hero: Brad Winters

Winters Financial has brought faith into the marketplace for three generations, which is a remarkable feat. Brad Winters, grandson of … Read

Hometown Hero: Skye Haruyama

Skye Haruyama represents a new generation of faith active Christians who will be leading the way in establishing the kingdom … Read

Hometown Hero: David Vermaak

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, David Vermaak left his five-year career in project management to move to the … Read

Hometown Hero: Stacy Doose

Stacy Doose grew up in a faith environment as a second-generation preacher’s kid. His maternal grandfather was a Pentecostal minister … Read

Hometown Hero: Sabrina Donley

Sabrina Donley’s story is one of family legacy: the beautiful outcome of one generation building into the next. Having been … Read

Hometown Hero: John Jordan

John Jordan spent thirty years as a packaging engineer and food scientist, developing new food products for a number of … Read

Hometown Hero: Kejal Shah

Kejal Shah grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, but his background is very different from many who were raised in the … Read

Hometown Hero: James Lenhoff

James Lenhoff’s career began with an event some would consider serendipitous, but what he knows to be the sovereign hand … Read

Hometown Hero: Dan Snively

Dan Snively grew up on the Yakama Native American reservation in Washington state where his father was a pastor. He … Read

Hometown Hero: Pete West

Pete West is challenging the typical American mindset of retirement being a time for relaxation: for soaking in the sun … Read

Hometown Hero: Tom Busch

How will we respond when God interrupts our seemingly safe and secure career and asks us to take a different … Read

Hometown Hero: Julie Thomas

What does leadership look like in crisis? If you are Julie Thomas of Priority Dispatch and Priority Logistic Group (woman … Read

Hometown Hero: Katie Nees

After a happy childhood as a pastor’s daughter, a traumatic experience at age seventeen changed the trajectory of Katie Nees’ … Read

Hometown Hero: Patrick Vail

Patrick Vail’s career began in the musical world. After completing undergrad and graduate work in music performance, he was a … Read

Hometown Hero: Melinda Rea

Melinda Rea has spent her life using her creative talents to help businesses tell their story. Her company, Marketing Matters 1 … Read

Hometown Hero: Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson could easily boast of her accomplishments as a successful businesswoman in a competitive and complex market.  After majoring … Read

Hometown Hero: Paula Bussard

A true pioneer in workplace ministry, Paula Bussard has served for over 40 years in local church and para-church organizations, … Read