Hometown Hero: Brian Valasek

Brian Valasek has worked in the mental health field for 18 years. He is a mental health and addictions counselor and is the owner of Beyond Your Valley.

Brian is dedicated to helping his clients, supervisees, team members, and colleagues see and reach their full potential. He empowers and equips people to believe that as we tackle our core problem, we move closer to our authentic self.

Brian says “people sometimes ask me, ‘When did you decide to start Beyond Your Valley?’. To me, this simple question is tough to answer because I didn’t really decide and I didn’t really start it. God did both. Before Beyond Your Valley, I spent 9 years helping to build and grow what became one of Cincinnati’s largest counseling group private practices. I enjoyed my role in developing the counselors and the business and got a lot of meaning and purpose from it. I had no intention of leaving.”

He continues: “One day in April 2020 something happened that left me feeling very taken for granted. I instantly knew I needed to leave and start a new group practice. No other options entered my mind, so it wasn’t really a decision. God was preparing me and equipping me that whole time for the next steps. What happened next was wild. Ideas flowed through me and within a few days I had a comprehensive 12 page business plan for a new practice, Beyond Your Valley. Like the plan was already there. Like it was God’s plan. Because it was.”

He says, “But I couldn’t leave just yet. I had to figure out a way to sell my part of the company. That process took about 10 months. It was a very frustrating and difficult time for me, easily the most challenging period of my life. It was my valley. In hindsight, it gave me time to slow down and think about what Beyond Your Valley really could look like. And guess what? The money I got from the sale was just enough to cover startup expenses for Beyond Your Valley. God had another plan for me. That’s what God does – He provides for us and He prepares us to fulfill His plan. And He doesn’t usually do it in the way we think He will. I’m so grateful to God for allowing me to steward Beyond Your Valley and our amazing team. It’s one of the greatest honors of my life. God is good!”

Beyond Your Valley is a mental wellness group private practice in Blue Ash, Ohio, focusing on trauma and addiction recovery. For more info about what makes Beyond Your Valley different, how they can help you or a loved one, and how to get started, please check out www.beyondyourvalley.com.