Hometown Hero: Cam Moss

The vocation journey for Cam Moss has taken him from the world of professional ministry into the world of the marketplace, but to him, it is all the same. Asked about his current profession, he says: “Currently I own a small business that helps other small and medium sized businesses with their people problems. We do that primarily in the recruiting and HR space. I have a background in missions mobilization, where I directed a non profit for about 7 or 8 years. I transitioned into being a pastor in a local church. All that professional ministry was until 2014 when I transitioned into the business world. Within the past few years, I started a company called Legacy 6 and have been enjoying that ever since.”

When asked about his vision for bringing his faith to work Cam says, “I love that question. One of my mentors in college, Dr. Bill Jones, who had seven doctorates at the time he was mentoring me, including some in leadership, taught me a method of how to evaluate where someone was in their spiritual journey. He used the analogy of a baseball diamond. The journey from home plate to first base is the seeking period where someone is coming to know the Lord. First base to second base is where you are being discipled and are learning more about your faith. Second to third base is where you begin to apply your life into ministry to use your talents, spiritual gifts and experiences to help glorify Him by bringing His kingdom to the earth, and the last, from third to home, is helping someone to become a world Christian, bringing the gospel to the unreached people groups of the world, making disciples of all nations. For me it was learning to quickly evaluate someone to see where they are on that spiritual journey. How can God use me to help them, whether it’s five minutes, five weeks or five years—[to] take them further down the base path to the next base. So by His grace, that’s the mentality I have when I go into any business environment. It’s starts with prayer, asking the Lord before I walk in the door, whether it’s a one on one, a networking or Chamber meeting, a new client. Asking Him to show me, to open doors for me, so I can serve Him well, represent Him well and serve these wonderful people in their spiritual journey. I’ve watched him do that time and time again in answer to that prayer.”

When asked how He sees God showing up in the workplace, Cam comments, “Any time you go into a business meeting with a mentality like that, when God does open a door, you end up spending the majority of your conversation on the things of the Lord and not necessarily for the business purposes for which you intended for the meeting in the first place. So just to give an example, going into a networking meeting and the Lord opening a door to meet with another man who begins to share his marriage struggles. By the time the meeting is over, we are both crying, we are both praying together. When a man shares his heart like that to a complete stranger you know that’s a miracle. The Holy Spirit is working powerfully. So you’re getting to the end of the meeting and you’re in a business start up, and your realize you haven’t found any new clients. You haven’t given your business cards to anyone. And that mental clock goes off in your head. You’re thinking, ‘I’ve got to go make connections’. But the Lord just holds you there. He won’t let you leave because you are in the middle of life changing ministry. The conversation wraps up. Everybody’s gone. And you walk away thinking I didn’t do anything with Legacy 6. This begins to happen more and more and more. You start to think how am I going to provide? How am I going to make this business work? I can tell you, by God’s grace, He has given Legacy 6 a harvest for seeds we never planted. That is His favor, Him honoring obedience. To step out in faith, take a risk. To say this isn’t going to necessarily financially benefit me but that’s ok because most of the New Testament calls Christians to do things that don’t make financial sense. They don’t make sense for our safety, they don’t make sense for our comfort. And yet when we obey, we walk in His will, He works all things together for good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. And so I have watched that play out time and time again.”

Cam Moss lives in Lexington, South Carolina, just outside the capital city of Columbia. Cam is married to Mary, and has two children, Andrea and Charlie.