Hometown Hero: Catherine KingsVail

Catherine KingsVail spent 15 years in the field of technology, but began to cultivate her passion for wellness as a career in 2015. She states, “I always struggled with not living what I believe, whether at home or work or volunteering. We are not meant to be fragmented into pieces that live differently in different situations. We were created for Oneness: oneness within ourselves, one with God and one with each other. Those that know me know that I have close to unbridled passion when it comes to our loving Almighty Creator God in all forms: Father, Son, Spirit, and inhabiter of His creation. My belief is a part of everything I do; it simply is who I am. I will admit, a lot of that is due to having a gift of faith. I share life with many believers who struggle with very deep things. My heart hurts with them and for them. I do know this faith I have is a gift.”

She continues, “Maybe it is this faith that has anchored me so tightly to wellness being a part of our birthright. Being in good health, free from illness, was the original design. We are to Love God with ALL of who we are, and we do this best when we are well. He beautifully created our bodies to be well and to heal themselves. We truly are awe inspiringly and wonderfully made. Sadly, we aren’t taught how to live intentionally so to love God with our whole being. We can’t just eat right without taking care of our mindset. We cannot meditatively pray without balancing that stillness with movement or exercise. We cannot take medicine or supplements but not change our eating habits. We cannot get enough physical exercise without being emotionally healthy. Just as the Church needs the whole body healthy to be whole, we need ALL the parts of our being to be healthy to be whole.”

When contemplating the past year, Catherine says “2020 has sent everyone spinning. All aspects of our lives have been stressed. Stress is the beginning of all “Dis-ease”. Just as we intentionally learn to walk with the Lord, we must be intentional to keep our WHOLE being well. A global health crisis and an election year gave us an exhausting dose of stress. Unless unplugged from media, we were inundated with gloom and doom keeping our bodies in a state of fight or flight. In this state we don’t rest, rejuvenate, digest, nor create the proper hormones and neurotransmitters in the correct proportions. We ALL suffered physically and psychologically to some degree this past year.”

She continues, “Where do we go from here? How do we recalibrate our body, mind, heart, spirit back to the One who truly holds the whole world in His hands? It starts each new day with the question, ‘Choose this day whom you will serve’. Will you focus on your mind, body, soul, spirit or focus on the world. Where you focus your thoughts, soul/emotions, your spirit and the overall health of your body will follow.”

She concludes with a story. “One of the greatest ‘cliff note’ testimonies I can share around this is a woman who came to The Eden Life Center having lost drastic amounts of weight in 3 months, depressed, with multiple issues physically, believing lies about her future of being destined to be diagnosed with cancer like other women in her family. She had literally made herself sick with this fear. ‘As a man thinks, so is he.’ (Proverbs 23:7) We walked her through a variety of natural discovery modalities. She was able to understand what she was experiencing from a different perspective. She made some changes in her lifestyle, chose some holistic protocols to follow and her health turned around almost immediately.”

Catherine KingsVail is a wife, a mother of 4 biological children, and a ‘bonus mom’ to a handful of amazing people. She is an IFC Spiritual Coach, Natural Health Professional, a Quantum Biofeedback and stress management specialist, and an Ordained Chaplain. She works not only with what God provided us in the earth to aid our wellness but also with many highly advanced energy based technologies vs man made chemicals we ingest. In Q1 she will be an accredited Health Coach with a specialization in toxins and detox through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.