Hometown Hero: Jane Doerman

Jane Doerman is a clear example of someone who had a dream, laid it down in faith, and then watched the Lord resurrect it in a way that was better than she could imagine. Her journey began in college at Asbury University where she was a media communications major and was given the opportunity to intern at a radio station in Alaska. She tells the following story: “It was super exciting work. They had us on air. They had us creating content, they had us doing live broadcasts. And that is really where I fell in love with radio broadcasting. That became my dream. After college graduation, I moved to Cincinnati because that’s where my soon-to-be husband and his family lived.”
She wanted to pursue a job in radio broadcasting and was able to land a position at a local radio station. She says, “I felt like this was an opportunity to shine. And that dream that I held so tightly soon became a nightmare. The further I got into the work that I was doing, the choices that upper management made affected the work that we did. It really got to a point where the Holy Spirit was telling me, you know, it is time to leave. I really struggled with that because this was my dream. How could God call me into this and make open the door? And then all of a sudden, this nightmare happens and you’re calling me out of it? What gives? Long story short, I eventually left the radio broadcasting industry.”

The next leg of the journey found Jane entering into motherhood, along with leadership opportunities through her church. While she relished the season she was in, she found herself longing for more. She says: “God said, you can do be a mother and work, too. I’m going to show you how. And that’s what this whole journey has led me to. Now I’m working for a really awesome organization, the Polished Network, as their podcasting director. God is resurrecting old dreams that I once held so tightly.”

During that time, the Lord was showing Jane an unmet need for many Christian women. She says, “I was leading a women’s ministry at my local church at that time and that really convicted me of this idea of working women. They need connection and they’re not really being reached. And what are we doing and what am I doing in my team as a women’s ministry to connect to those women?” She met Kathy Book who had launched a ministry, Women in the Marketplace, for working women. Their connection started a partnership. Eventually she received a call from Kathy and her new Executive Director, Catherine Gates, to join their staff. After much prayer with family, friends and trusted mentors, Jane agreed. After some time, Jane says, “I pitched an idea of a podcast for women in the marketplace. Both Kathy and Catherine said yes, and we went for it. I really believe that all these little pieces of the story got aligned at just the right time because we’ve merged with another organization called Polished Network, and they were looking for a podcast, too. That was a role I was able to fill. It was nothing that I did. That was just the next door that was opened, and God was working all the details out.”

Jane lives with her husband and three children in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can learn more about Polished Network at Polishednetwork.org.