Hometown Hero: Katherine Helms

Katherine-HelmsKatherine Helms’ vocational journey has just begun, but her depth and insight are reminiscent of someone much older. She graduated from Xavier University with a double major and double minor in 2020, during the height of the pandemic. She then started her career in the Vineyard Cincinnati’s business ministry, One Life. She says that in that ministry “we disciple business owners and leaders. I really got to partner with my boss, Randy Wilhelm, and set up community groups for business owners and leaders to be able to walk out what we call this one life: being able to be the same person in all elements and having a safe space to really have people who get it. It’s just been a fun journey throughout.” After serving in One Life for two years, Katherine moved into her current role at the Vineyard in the Generosity Ministry, which offers financial discipleship in the areas of budget coaching, financial planning seminars and fundraising for special initiatives.

When listening to Katherine, one thing that stands out is that she is emerging as a young adult, just embarking on a vocational career, but she is already clearly aware of the integration of faith and work. This is evidenced in her comments about the One Life Ministry, where you have one life, whether you are at work or at home or at large. Many working Christians do not begin to understand this integration of faith and work until much later in their careers. When asked how she approaches her work life she says “I think it’s in John 5 where Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. I think about that when it comes to how we get to partner with the Lord. My career jumps in the early stages just affirmed this trust I had in the work to be like, Hey, I don’t want to do something apart from what You want for me.”

She continues: “In the early stages of my career, I almost hyper focused on that. But at the same point, I’m so glad that I built the muscle memory of asking, Lord, what are you doing? What do you think about the situation? How do you see this? That’s been a really helpful thing for me, especially since I do what I do now, where I’m doing a lot of program and project management. I’m consistently asking the question of how can I best honor people in the process of me accomplishing this? Or how do You want us to do this? Or where do You want to have us be doing this? Having that muscle memory of being trained to be attentive to what the Lord is doing, has been really, really helpful throughout.”

Katherine’s discipline of training herself to be aware of God coming and going in everything she is doing will enable her to see more clearly than perhaps a lot of other people when God is moving in a supernatural way or opening a door or having some other experience that can only come from Him.