Hometown Hero: Robin Kiley

What happens when a child is born to a professor of neurology and an oil painter? The answer is Robin Kiley, who combines a keen analytical mind with a heart of compassion and beauty.

Her unique background has led her to create Stand2Serve.org, an organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring the worth of every person. Robin states, “Every person is an image of our Lord in a different way. When we have all of these different people from different backgrounds, different histories, different experiences, and different talents, we are allowed to see the kaleidoscope of God’s immense nature. When we tap those talents and honor people in the way God wants us to honor them, then we see the magnificence and power of God’s kingdom.”

Stand2Serve.org has a special focus on honoring our local first responders, military and veterans who serve our nation with their lives. “We organize community events that promote a culture of respect for God, sacrifice and service. We create art, music, poetry and speeches to inspire and unite people of all backgrounds and generations.”

Robin says, “In this time of recovery, it is more important than ever that we draw upon our faith to find the courage to do what God has asked us to do in these trying times. This is our ‘Kairos’ moment to act with faith and character that is glorifying of God.”

She continues, “I am excited to share my poem titled “A Moment” that honors all the courageous and humble men and women who are using their talents to serve and honor others, at personal risk.”

A Moment.

Save a life. Heal a wound. Care. Be there.

When all the world is upside down – no way to know what is coming next.

All the world watches.
It sharpens our focus on what matters or not.

Life hanging in the balance, on a decision.
Are they alone?

There they are-
Someone’s child, husband, wife, parent, friend, a lover.


Oh, the decisions we make.
The promise one life holds.

The promise.

It drives a life of service.
Working and doing all that you can.
Even if it means giving your own life

For another….

A life –
So much hangs in the balance

in a moment.

God created us for such a moment as this.

“God has called me to use my talent for words to honor those who serve others for the glory of God. God can use all of us to serve others with courage if we step forward in faith and do what God has put before us to do. Our choices matter. Our words matter. Our actions matter. Our prayers matter.”

Robin Kiley is a wife, mother, attorney, poet and song writer who lives in Warren County. Learn more at www.stand2serve.org