Hometown Hero: Melinda Rea

Melinda Rea has spent her life using her creative talents to help businesses tell their story. Her company, Marketing Matters 1 2 3, focuses on branding, copywriting, strategic website development, communications, promotions, advertising and digital and fresh content development.

After earning a BFA in Art from Miami University, she studied graduate level business and marketing at the University of Cincinnati, which led to a career as a graphic designer and art director.

When asked how she chose her company’s name, Melinda says, “I arrived at the company name because that is how I structure my business. Marketing is as simple as 1 2 3. The three steps are plan, create and deliver. I am a big fan of the Trinity. I think in terms of three and I work in terms of three. So structuring my company’s name that way was important to me.”

“Marketing and design have always been my passions, and though, God is my center. He is at the core of everything I do in life, and He is certainly with me as I serve my clients. I have learned through my involvement with SKILLSOURCE®, and other businesses connected to the At Work On Purpose® network, to meet clients where they are. For me that includes not just serving their business needs but also coming alongside them spiritually. Sometimes that means walking with them through personal as well as industry issues. Trusting in God is one of the best lessons we can learn in this life, but certainly not the easiest. In my client work, it takes patience to develop that trust and relationship.”

Melinda has a passion to provide practical help for animals, especially in the area of overpopulation. “St. Francis of Assisi is my favorite saint, and although I’m no saint (laughing), I share his passion, love and reverence for animals and nature. That love for animals manifests itself in that I have a houseful of cats, all rescues. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars ensuring that scores of cats are safely neutered and spayed. I can’t save every cat, but it’s a small victory if we can save one at a time.”