I Am Not Just Someone

Tears ran down my face. As an 8-year old, I faced another installment of rejection from my Dad. When would I get approval for anything? When? Am I so worthless or inconsequential? Why can’t I be accepted? What is so wrong with me, that I will never be recognized as valuable to anyone?Dad, why did you have me when you don’t seem to want me?

Years have passed. Times changed. Pain healed. Wounds don’t hurt now, but scars remained.

In families, we can always trace family trees back to a certain time. But we can’t trace our family tree forward into the future. Only God, Himself knows the future. I have pictures of my maternal great-grandparents. They would never see me. They would never know me. But who was I that was so important to that He would place me into the majestic, eternal calendar timeline at just the right time? It was He who KNEW when the best time data point to influence the world to serve a purpose. Why else would YOU be here either?

What my father evidently did not realize or demonstrate, was my placement into THIS genealogical branch was for a good reason! I was no accident! The Lord has His supernatural, holy baton, directing the entire celestial orchestra; with specifics including EVERY person that has ever lived.

I was talking with MY son recently, and he said something profound. We were talking about what we were thankful for. He said, “I am not just your son. I am not just my kids’ father. I am not just my grandparent’s grandson. I am ME. And there is no one like me.” Wow. Think about that. My son was right. He is a special creation whose entrance into this life was some 42 years ago. Why? Because our wonderful God decided it was time. It wasn’t an accident HE wasn’t an accident. I knew he was going to make an impact on this world. He has. He might have some regrets along the way. And that’s OK. But regrets aren’t failures!

A movie came out in 1946 that starred Jimmy Stewart and Donna reed that was titled “A Wonderful Life”. It’s an amazing film about a man who had dreams of doing something spectacular, but realities in life changed the trajectory to an incredible ending. How important was the character that Jimmy Stewart played to the town he lived in? What would your workplace look like had you not been there? What would your family look like had you not been born then or ever? Think about that! YOU are important! You have value. Eventually I found out my father was in deep error by his behavior and comments. God indeed does know exactly when to bring people into being. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! I am so thankful to Him bringing me into being! One aspect of that is my gratefulness in meeting so many priceless souls. That includes those at AWOP, the positions I held in past career paths, and the ones the Lord allowed me to touch in my family tree.

“Lord, thank You for creating me for a specific purpose in this life. Thank You for creating so many others for me to know in MY life. Thank You for seeing ahead for your purpose. Knowing this, I want to dedicate more time to reaching other people for Jesus.I just don’t want to know them here. I want them to be with me THERE. And that is a future Thanksgiving we can enjoy in heaven! In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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