Is There Actual Virtual Reality?

When you can’t see, is that technical blindness? Well, that can be interpreted as that. But what if people CHOOSE blindness? How does that work? How about a couple of examples….

Practical application #1 – There is an intention “partial” blindness when doing pilot training. Up in the air, often times, clouds obscure the vision of mountain peaks, tall TV towers, other aircraft, and imbedded severe weather. So, pilots are trained early “under a hood”, which removes the view of outside the aircraft, but allows 100% observation of the instrument panel, including radar. Once a new pilot has familiarity with the instrument panel, a hood is placed on the head for training purposes to push the pilot to RELYING on the instruments instead of the feeling they have inside the aircraft or what can be visually referenced. In a vehicle on the ground, many of these perceptions do not occur. This vital training under the hood allows pilots to experience diverse weather situations and augment skills to handle the aircraft under adverse conditions.

Practical application #2 – There are those folks who have become enamored with virtual reality games and venues. Here, a totally enclosed hood / blinder is worn to shield out ALL reality around them. A computer program furnishes artificial surroundings for the purpose of entertainment and / or escapism. The images, sounds, and senses are supplied so that everything happening IN reality is shut out. People scream, sweat, fall over, knock things over, and all kinds of results when these are in play.

In BOTH applications, people HAVE to return to ACTUAL reality. They have to write the programs and source codes, create visuals that are believable, and write advertisements and post on social media, Facebook, amazon, and other sales sites. These have to be done IN reality!

The one truth we all have on this planet is our Lord, God has ALL reality firmly in his grasp. No program can duplicate the power, breadth, scope, and intensity of His orchestrations! A thunderous volcanic eruption cannot be humanly duplicated by ANY means. Can we explode atomic weapons? Yes. But HE controls the atoms! A mesmerizing electrical display of lightning in an intense storm on the plains cannot be duplicated by man in any means.  THAT Is reality!!!

The answers to secret prayer can’t be virtualized. It HAS to be reality! Too many folks out there seem to WANT to escape to a place where the accountability can be re-set, the “game over” sign is never permanent, and mistakes can always be adjusted for the next session.

2 Chronicles 16:9 says: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him….” God’s eyes never close; they never blink, they always see the un-seeable, and they look for those who are strong in the Lord. Believers who totally embrace their faith know there is no need of anything virtual. It is all total reality. Our God is capable of all reality, and holds it in His hands. Although there are instances of entertainment that require our eyes wide open under blinders, we will much better be prepared for God’s blessing when we keep our eyes open and SEE what our almighty God has done in our lives!

“Lord, thanks for Your guidance along our life’s trek! It is an uncertain time, and we need to extend our faith and vision into You! Let us embrace the long-range vision as well as the immediate path that is before us!This is always a special time of year, and we need to reflect on the incredible occurrence of a holy God descending from His heavenly throne to occupy human flesh for about 33 years. All for the ACTUAL REALITY of redemption. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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