Keep your eye on the “sun”

We walked a little slower this morning. I wasn’t as concerned about reaching my step goal or checking off the “morning walk” from my to-do list. It was a beautiful morning, and I was settling back into our routine after a wonderful two weeks in Italy. Louie certainly was happy to be home with me, but my heart still longs for Italy.

As we walked, I stopped every time he wanted to sniff. I don’t always do that. I sometimes rush him for no particular reason. But this time, I stopped when he stopped. I watched him zero in on a tiny patch of grass, and then, Image for what seemed an eternity, he would sniff one small blade of grass. Most mornings, I would start tugging on his leash, and after a few tugs, he would oblige and continue our walk…until the next blade of grass caught his interest.

This morning, I completely understood his need to linger, and so we did. I decided I needed to linger over the things that bring me peace, fill me with joy, and draw me closer to the awesome Creator of The Universe.

I want to gift you a lingering moment – one of the many beautiful sunsets we witnessed in Italy. In preparation, open your child-like heart and mind. When I read to children in schools, I guide them to close their eyes, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and open the eyes of their imaginations. Do the same before you watch this.

Dolce Vita!

Amore’, The Louie Crew

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