Kids Occupied by Smart Phones – A Dad asks,“Why aren’t they talking to me?”

Dad yelled kindly upstairs to his 8 year-old son, “Jack, Mom’s got dinner ready! Come on down!” All the family except Jack sat down, and waited until a reasonable time was over. Dads called again. Dad went upstairs to see what was keeping Jack, and found him totally occupied on his smart phone playing a video game.  There was a brief discussion, and an electronic object being tossed into the closet. Later that week, Dad yelled kindly upstairs to his 15 year-old daughter about coming downstairs and chatting about the day at school. There was no response. Dad made the announcement again. Dad finally went upstairs to find his daughter face-timing with some friends. He motioned it was time to come down, and she agreed; but she forgot and the dad went to sleep to get rest for the long day ahead tomorrow.

My heavenly Father gave me a wonderful Book, and wants me to not only read it, but talk with Him about it every day. I might not be addicted to my smart phone or tablet like some kids are these days. But many adults are hooked on various types of social media that occupies so much of their time. It has to be understood first that some have businesses directly related to social media, internet sales, and direct links to on-line financials and business connections. These cases are not what is at stake.

Is being on social media such a big deal? Well, it depends on the “trade”. So, what is the “trade”? There are over 500,000 minutes in a year. That goes for everyone! We ALL get the same allotment!

Question: WHAT are we doing with that allotment? Look at Ephesians 5:14b – 17 – “…Christ shall give thee light. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.”

I am busy with family. I am busy with my business. I am busy with my church and responsibilities there. I am a counselor for several and visitor to hospitals and hospice. There are trips to go on to see extended family and vacations. There are emergencies like vehicle breakdowns, water in the basement, sicknesses to be overcome, and demands from grandkids that require attention. There isn’t much time left.

Oh, wait. I have become addicted to MY LIFE. Then I remember that my life is HIS! My head drops in regret that I have LET other things crowd out those mealtimes with Him, where I feast on His Word, and where I have not spent time with Him in my daily walks. In many cases, I have not redeemed the time wisely. In many cases I have. I have literally “traded”my time with Him for spending time with other choosings.  “But Lord, You know how busy I am!!” And He looks at me with outstretched arms. “I will always be ready. I am busy, too. But not too busy to hear your celebrations, your sorrows, your cries during tragedy, your quiet adoration in calm times, and your petitions for more influence at your home and workplace for Me.” I look up and envision His throne. His eyes penetrate time and space. He watches as the hourglass empties for all of us……. And waits.

Lord, please convict our hearts to prioritize time with You! My prayer is not so that I feel so guilty in NOT spending time with You! I am praying that I embrace the realization that CHOOSING to spend time with You is so fruitful and purposeful! Lord, help me to discipline myself where You won’t have to call me twice to do things. InJesus’ Name, Amen.”

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