Letting Others Do Acts of Kindness

My legs suddenly felt wobbly after the morning adult Sunday School hour, and I had to sit down right away. Two other couples in the class rushed to my side and made sure that I landed squarely on the seat of the closest chair. They asked if I was OK. My head told them, “Yes, I was OK. I was not light-headed, but that my legs just lost strength and started folding.” I was a little puzzled.

I understand that I have a pacemaker installation scheduled to alleviate a slow heart rate, but thought the sudden weakness in my legs had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, these wonderful couples stayed with me, missing the main worship time at our church. They saw a real need, and felt the urgency to be at my side to comfort me.

I had plans after church that I thought were still a priority, but my wise friends cautioned me against extending any more thoughts to those plans. Although I felt good enough to drive home after resting, one of the men said that I was NOT driving my truck home. HE was driving my truck home, with me riding in the passenger seat. My wife would be riding home with his wife following us. It was such a wonderful thing to offer, so I decided to let this great fellow do that for me. I did not have “pride” in insisting that I drive myself. But I realized
that DENYING someone the opportunity to perform an act of genuine kindness would be sinful. These two couples had authentic concern and wanted to make sure that I was OK. So, I decided to allow these wonderful acts of kindness to be done. It should be noted that it would even be OK if I was NOT able to do any driving home.

Acts of kindness are actually an extension of Jesus’ love that come from the hearts of people who really care and pour into the lives of those who need that love. I have always been selfsufficient from the standpoint that the Lord has blessed me with a fairly sound mind. And that statement does not detract from understanding that it isn’t the type of self-sufficiency
OUTSIDE the Lord’s realm. But it gave me comfort to see others give of themselves in a pure unselfish manner (even though it was directed at me this time. I am normally the one who wants to do for others).

When the four men lowered their friend in some kind of a burlap fabric through the roof into the presence of Jesus, the Lord said he saw THEIR faith. Of course, He saw the man’s faith who was being lowered. But Jesus recognized the love and urgency of the four! And the friend got up and walked! How ironic that four of MY friends came to assist me, and helped ME get up and walk!
Never underestimate the healing and righteous power of LETTING SOMEONE ELSE DO SOMETHING FOR YOU.

“Lord, You prepare people every day to interact with us. These hidden encounters ALL mean something. They ALL possess potential in changing lives for the better. Lord, open our eyes so that we may see with YOUR eyes! Allow us to see the need in letting others extend their love and concern to us for an eternal purpose. People care and people pray. Part of spiritual maturity must be to observe it in real time. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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