My Defining Moment at Workplace Mobilization 2013

2013 was a trying year with changes in business, disappointing relationships, and financial hurdles to get through. I was hesitant to go to the AWOP Workplace Mobilization but I registered and arrived just as the speakers were gathering on stage.

I sat toward the back having decided not to get involved and would just listen to the speakers. I was struggling to hear from God about any direction in my life so I was hopeful that perhaps on that day, I would get a nudge, just a touch of confirmation that I am heading in the right direction.

My interest was piqued as I listened to Dr. Dan Snively link leadership to character, values, and principles. While I’ve facilitated many excellent leadership courses, I’ve never heard anyone explain an assessment tool that can measure the character traits of a leader and what outcome can be expected based on that tool.

The next speaker changed my life. Mark Whitacre was the president of the BioProducts Division at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). He was the highest-level corporate executive in U.S. history to become a FBI informant. For three years (1992–95), Mark acted as an informant for the FBI, which was investigating ADM for price fixing.

I will never forget one particular part of the story. Mark was at a breaking point, blowing leaves off the driveway in the middle of a rainstorm. And while he was describing himself teetering on the edge, I could see myself standing at that very same edge. We are all ever so close to that defining moment and we can go over the edge or we can listen to God. It struck me at that point in time that event was right where I needed to be. I needed to be much closer to God and I needed to be open to listening with my whole heart and soul. That it was not about me but it was about how God was molding me. And God used that event and every AWOP event since to help me stay on track.

After the speakers were finished, the networking session sealed the deal for me. Apparently I was not the only person who needed to hear the messages. I started connecting with others finding out that everyone has the very same struggles that I have and yet the only way to get through was to keep that focus on God. It was at that time that I dedicated myself to take each step as God lays it out. I would not have been able to do that had I made an excuse to not attend Workplace Mobilization 2013. That was a defining moment for me and I have seen my business grow, my relationship with the Lord grow deeper, and my friendships begin to really take hold of being true and authentic.

If you’ve never attended a Workplace Mobilization event, then I would highly recommend you as your defining moment may be waiting (as it was for me). Each year, Workplace Mobilization is even more impactful than the last. It could be that slight nudge or complete redirection from God that you have been needing in your life. Come and join us. The journey is exciting.

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  1. Melinda

    Danise, I vividly remember listening to Mark Whitacre–and being just as riveted as you. Those truly are “defining moments”, and your blog really captures that spirit.


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