blog header As Christians, we talk about sharing a common “world view”. That sounds great in theory, but putting it into practice can be tough. We’ve selected bloggers that “connect the dots” between Biblical wisdom for work, and the tough realities of the working world. Enjoy our current posts, and explore the archives here as well.

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Prayer Prism in Action

The ship was in trouble. The GPS and navigation instruments had failed, so the captain dug out the old paper maps of the coast and the dangerous shoals. Although the captain realized the danger his ship was in, he had a gut feel that there were some lighthouses along the coast in the most hazardous areas. Before long, the darkness swept in; complicating the issue.

The third path

I see many leaders building “kingdoms” in the marketplace, but not the kind of Kingdom Jesus represents. For working Christians, our journey starts by understanding what God’s Kingdom at work even looks like in practical terms. We need to understand the contrast Jesus draws between different “paths” in pursuit of “kingdom”.

Is Hardship a Gift?

I would not want to give anyone a broken leg as a Christmas present (not even my own). I would not want to give anyone gout, COVID, blindness, or any infirmity because I don’t want to hurt people.

Envy: A Very Deadly Sin

As I write this blog and witness the whirl of the holiday frenzy, I am reminded of an ever so slight issue with envy Louie had not so long ago.

New and improved

We journey into 2024 with a world of “hot spots” that fit the description of Luke 1:78-79, filled with darkness and even threat of death. None of this is new to those following global developments, but the entrepreneur in me sees opportunity from difficulty.

Magic Seeds

They really do evoke giants—even spiritual ones—in the Marketplace So we all know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. … Read

Necessary Endings

Depending on when you read this blog, we may be in the midst of the holidays or already filling up our 2024 planners. But I love to reflect on the Christmas season for various reasons. It is a fantastic time to celebrate life, cherish relationships, and anticipate a new year, which could offer a new opportunity if we had a tough year.

Faithful remnant

Here we find a dragon (Satan) unleashing warfare yet again against a faithful remnant of believers (the woman, who symbolizes Israel).