blog header As Christians, we talk about sharing a common “world view”. That sounds great in theory, but putting it into practice can be tough. We’ve selected bloggers that “connect the dots” between Biblical wisdom for work, and the tough realities of the working world. Enjoy our current posts, and explore the archives here as well.

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The Family Tree

In the “old days”, the adult announcement would come from the maternity ward, “It’s a boy!” These days, the drama … Read

How to be Still

We are in the second week of our quarantine as we battle the Coronavirus or COVID 19. This has been … Read

The Plagues

A certain Scripture in the Bible says this. What do you think: Numbers 16:47 – 48 – “And Aaron took … Read

The Good Commission

In the Great Commission, Jesus engages the Church to GO and make DISCIPLES of ALL nations. Reflecting on this scripture … Read

Louie, the Hall Monitor

Louie’s relationship with my granddaughters is indescribable. The words, “Sissy’s coming,” barely pass my lips when he high tails it … Read

Science and Prayer

His knees made a few crunching sounds as he knelt down to pray. There were also some audibles in that … Read