Years ago, I met with a dear friend named Roger Howell, who leads City Gospel Mission here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Roger was detailing challenges around generational poverty, which his ministry confronts every day in our city. Unlike situational poverty which can be more quickly overcome, generational poverty is grounded in systems that perpetuate it, from one generation to the next. As Roger continued speaking, I began to see the integration of faith and work in a similar light. The hard truth is that in many ways, we have created institutions that systematically condition us (Christians and non-Christians alike) to separate faith and work. I believe that to break this cycle in the faith at work movement, we must educate emerging generations in work as worship, even before they launch vocational careers.

With this in mind, At Work on Purpose is introducing Christian college students to the integration of faith and work. One of our initiatives includes students at Cincinnati Christian University, in both its seminary and business tracks, as we gather local church pastors and Christian workplace leaders to work together towards work life ministry in and through the local church. Here’s a fun photo with the students, from our most recent gathering held at Cincinnati Christian University, and in partnership with the Made to Flourish ministry.

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