Open a Can of Prayer, No Expiration Date

The in-rush of air suggests that a seal has been broken, and the contents are close to consumption. That sound when a can opener has been successfully applied in an effort for the end result of satisfying hunger. What would be on the label on a can of prayer? How would the nutritional value be shown? The maker would be listed, for sure. What would the label look like so that a person would readily reach for it?

We know there are products with an appearance that is SO well known, the product can be identified in a split second.                  
A milk jug.
A pound package of bacon
A quart of motor oil
A banana
A 32-pack of bottled water

When someone says, “Let’s open with prayer”, it means we are about to enter a place where an availability of God’s content is accessed. The prayer could be silent or spoken. In Mark 5:30, the Gospel records a woman who accessed Jesus’ power, and proclaimed: “And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?” The same thing happens with prayer.

How many times have we bought something in a container, and NOT used what was inside? We know the whole idea IS to access what’s inside. Why buy water when we don’t drink it? Why buy oil if we are not going to put it in the engine? And when we pray, we are emptying God’s virtue out into a channel we specify. We could be praying for ourselves, a loved one, a business situation, or a health crisis. We want to ask God to pour out HIS essence and virtue into the recipient of our prayer, right? Why have prayer available and NOT use it?

Then, what would be the contents of the “can”? Is the content of every can the same?

  • Would a small can mean we didn’t have the faith to ask for a major answer to a prayer?
  • Would a long prayer mean we would have to reach for a big can?
  • If we were emotional, does that mean answers would “pour out” more quickly?

One important thing about prayer is that it requires action. We have to REACH for what God has for us. We have to grip what He can supply us with. But when a human heart reaches for an all-powerful Savior in a spirit of submission, honor, admiration, and love; words don’t necessarily have to be spoken. When God senses we are mentally and spiritually tuned into Him, He may even assist in our “opening” of the prayer.

We have stocked cans of food on our survival shelves at home. Why? So we don’t run out, right? But God provides a never-ending supply of “cans” when it comes to prayer. We don’t HAVE to have back-up. He ALWAYS has whatever supply we need at that time, and always within reach.

“Lord, thank You having a never ending supply of answers for us. Thank You for always having what we need. It’s great to sometimes just look at You, and appreciate You. We look at every “can” with hope, anticipation, and promise. We admire the “label” or the outside appearance of holiness and purity. Allow us to maximize the spiritual nutrition and vitality to reach other people for Jesus. In His name, Amen.”

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