Planting Tomatoes

The beeping sound of a credit card being processed indicated that the transaction was done and the credit card could be removed. I was soon on my way back home with my tomato plants. Notice what I said, again. “I was on my way back home with my TOMATO plants.” So why did I buy tomato plants? Answer: Because I wanted tomatoes. If I planted watermelons, would I have any reason to expect an oak tree to grow? If I planted a maple tree “whirlybird” in the ground, would I have any reason to expect blueberries in the harvest? No…..  Why?

  • God created everything so it stays with its “kind”.
  • The design of the flowers is the complex method of:
    1. Making sure bees and other insects pollinate in a ritual that combines the necessary “male” and “female” parts to form a future fruit that will produce that plant that will complete the cycle.
    2. Making a sweet nectar in the form of honey to be enjoyed not only by bees, but for mankind, as well.
    3. Producing a fragrance that is unmistakable. Think of the delicate aroma from a rose, or the super sweet smell from a honeysuckle. The scent from onions and garlic are also unmistakable.
  • Plants are designed to replicate themselves. A peach will have a seed in it and a watermelon will on average have 500 seeds. Each tree from a pear seed will produce pears.

When a man and a woman want to start a family and reproduce, a union of “male” and “female” parts has to occur to produce a “seed” to complete the cycle. This “seed” is actually a baby human. A precious creation indeed!!

Although each example above is a realistic tangible, measurable one, there are those that are not so tangible, but equally important! The list of these has to do with our decisions, our actions, and our examples.

Galatians 6:7 says, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” God indicates that no matter WHAT we sow, we will reap it. Sowing discord means discord will be reaped. Sowing cooperation, integrity, accountability, and good will reap the same. The Lord says, “

Luke 19:21 says, “For I feared you, because you are an austere man. Youcollect what you did not deposit, and reap what youdid not sow.”The man that Jesus gave one talent buried it in the ground, and commented back to Him some huge errors. The man blamed Jesus, and intentionally cleared himself of wrong-doing. Because he made decisions with his own eyes, he reaped disaster. So sad!!

The Lord wants us to sow His love, His leadership, His energy, His purpose, His patience, His responsibility, His stewardship, and His prayer examples. When we exercise these, and do them, we are planting eternal fruit in today’s timeframe: and when the harvest comes, we will reap abundance across the board. Remember we are not reaping for ourselves, we are reaping FOR the Lord. And people DO pay attention to us!!!

“Lord, help us understand that great pizza needs tomatoes, great salad needs tomatoes, great pasta sauces need tomatoes, great BLT sandwiches need tomatoes, and one of the great soups needs tomatoes. Lord, help us plant those wonderful, holy seeds from Your greenhouse and allow us to “ketchup” in the purpose You have for us in this life. InJesus’ Name, Amen.”

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