Prayer Prism in Action

The ship was in trouble. The GPS and navigation instruments had failed, so the captain dug out the old paper maps of the coast and the dangerous shoals. Although the captain realized the danger his ship was in, he had a gut feel that there were some lighthouses along the coast in the most hazardous areas. Before long, the darkness swept in; complicating the issue. And then, he saw a piercing beam of light sweeping through the night sky. Because of historical familiarization, he knew this one was one that was tall and he could triangulate with another faint beam of light to steer the vessel from certain tragedy……

The light he saw was not from a simple flashlight. It was from a powerful one million candlepower bulb that uses a reflector and typically a Fresnel lens to focus the light in one direction. Then the focused light is rotated to send out the beam in all directions in a sweeping fashion.

A Fresnel lens is an amazing structure of a few segments up to hundreds of individually precision-cut pieces of glass to take the light from the reflector and align the light beam into a single, simple warning and guidance message. Each piece of precisely arranged individual pieces has been set in place by a master craftsman for that specific purpose.

When we look at a toy prism or a cut crystal sphere with catches sunlight, we notice the beautiful spectrum of color that dazzles across the ceilings of walls. So, a single CUT of glass can either break light into a collection of all colors from infrared into ultraviolet. Like a single droplet of rain is hand-crafted into a mini 3-dimensional rainbow. Some are just magnifying lenses.

As our Lord seeks to bless us individually through answers to our prayers in specific micro-applications and concerns / praises; He also can collect us in our collective prayers to pierce the darkness of this world and be the signal that there are severe hazards ahead. Our comforting words, our acts of kindness, our extension of His love and forgiveness into the hearts of those heading for the rocks along life’s shores are all part of that beam of HIS light. The Lord has SO much more than one million candlepower! But He invites US to be part of His lens structure. He wants US to be that precious piece that helps propel that warning out there in the darkness. And He wants
us to recognize that ALL the other pieces have their jobs too. They might be cut differently to get the angle from the reflector that another piece could not get. Imagine all of us praying all in ONE accord……

So we all have to understand, that it is when we become SO like-minded, that a ship in distress isn’t confused with a bunch of different beams from all directions from EACH lens, but a single powerful beam that there is no mistake about its collective source. If someone isn’t looking for it, it is a perilous journey indeed.

“Lord, Thank You for allowing all of our fellow believers to be uniquely made, precision crafted, and placed exactly where You need us. Lord, each one has a skill set selected by YOU, and we should not use comparisons to determine importance of our location in this life. EVERY single lens component is part of the main message! We rejoice that we have a part in guiding our homes, families, work places, and our leisure activities with that in mind. Thanks for BEING that light that reaches out to all!!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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