“Lord, I’m in a Mess. How can I pray?”

I’ve got a crisis! I can’t believe this is happening to me! What could possibly be the reason?

How many times have we experienced an immediate thought like one of these after some calamity has descended on us? And sometimes it doesn’t matter what the calamity happens to be; we feel that we got hit in the gut by some event.

Then what might be our very next thought? Even non-believers may resort to prayer. Why? Because God has wired every human to seek Him. Some come to Christ for salvation, and many don’t. We just passed a 15 anniversary of 9/11 and I remember when it happened back then. Many politicians and leaders came to cameras with intent of unifying prayer. Why? For show? Maybe. For earnestly seeking of God’s protection? Maybe. For a self-examination of our country’s direction and condition? Maybe.

So in the case of personally receiving news from my doctor that I had cancer, did I pray? Yes. Why? Because as a believer, I know God is in control of all things. And He knew way before any doctor could diagnose anything that I had cancer. But did I feel like I got hit with a freight train? Yes. Did I doubt God? No. Did I wonder what He was up to? Yes. So I prayed and prayed deeply. I did not pray to be healed; I did not pray out of frustration; I prayed for a glimpse of God’s reasoning why was chosen for cancer.

By the way, God did answer me and that will be the topic of a future blog.

One of the first references in Scripture of man reaching out to God directly is in Genesis 4:26.

So as we look at prayer, we need to peer through how God sees it. It’s a perfect portal. It’s like a lens or prism. Because each prayer of each person has so many shades of emotion and meaning, it’s like a supernatural burst of color across an amazing spectrum of topics and requests. And how the Lord answers prayers is as personal as the request. But it may not appear to be an answer until we see the how far-reaching it became.

The results can be so incredible, especially when we see things in nature that reflect God’s provision like:

  • The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park from a satellite view
  • The immeasurable complexity of color in the iris of a human eye
  • The majestic display of all colors in light when a rainbow bursts into view

The answers to our prayers are a wondrous privilege from a holy God from a direct communication. It’s beautiful, it’s normal, it’s breath-taking, and it’s a necessity. So walk with the Lord, and converse with Him all along the way. Will we get every answer the way we want? Will we be blessed with all our heart’s desire like Jabez?

“Lord, when we speak to You as an emergency lifted up from a hospital room or quietly from a chair on the beach, thank You for being there, always. And allow the reflection of the complete spectrum of grace and forgiveness to bring us to a closer walk with You. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

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