“Looking for True North”

“I’m lost!!”, said the hiker who had accidently dropped his compass and other valuables from his backpack. Earlier, he had slipped and when he fell, his backpack hit the ground, and some contents went right over the edge of a cliff. He quickly tried to grab what he could, but saw some objects bouncing down off the cliff wall into the valley, eventually disappearing into the dense tree canopy below. Discovering his compass had been one of those that went over the side, he tried valiantly to navigate the rest of the trip without directional orientation. It was too dark and dangerous to go on when the stars came out, and there were no stars visible in the daytime. After a while, the hiker realized he was meandering in the wilderness.

What he needed was his compass. Why? Because the hiker knew the earth is enveloped in a magnetic field and a compass has an iron-based needle that is sensitive to magnetic fields. The needle is magnetic and the south pole of the needle points north because unlike poles “attract” each other. (Two “north poles” or two “south Poles” will repel.) We have found that the compass is very reliable.

The Lord provides a spiritual guidance system, as well; except His guidance system is foolproof. So why do we sometimes lose our way as we travel this road of life? Why do we find ourselves in a mess due to poor planning, exercising disobedience, or the lack of faith? The Lord equips us all with a needle and a compass. But they come un-assembled. We know deep down that we ALL need guidance, and Holy Scripture is our owner’s manual in proper assembly of the needle ONTO the compass pivot point. It’s not enough to simply drop it into the chamber.

Those who are non-believers don’t know how to put things together because the Holy Spirit hasn’t been invited in to guide. So they can’t discern their way. They wander around seeking things that may point to a happy and purposeful life, because the needle on its own has no point of reference and is influenced by all kinds of other “attractions”. The extraneous magnetic fields of greed, infidelity, position, stature, neighborhood location, employment selection, apathy and indifference, or pride move the needle all over the place.

Since Satan tries to secretly sneak unholy and distracting fields into our lives, we must be vigilant to stay in prayer, have a designated quiet time to praise and worship, and stay in the Scripture to read and re-read the beauty, power, and purpose of His message. Only when we make the conscious effort to ignore those magnetic fields that interfere with God’s guidance can we find direction, purpose, and satisfaction in this life.

“Lord, thank You for being reliable in guiding all Your children. Please impress on us the way we should go. And also point to the ones who need to hear Your message of hope, love, and salvation along the way, guiding us to them or guiding them to us. Even if we get turned around, we know You will be there to point us in the right direction. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”


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