“May I Come into Your Chambers?”

Last month, there was an inauguration. Did everyone watch it? No. How many participated in it? Relatively few. How many felt they were a real part of it? How many knew everything that went on behind the scenes to make all this happen? Why is there secret service personnel crawling over all areas during the event? Good questions……

So, the question eventually comes up where we would like to know what it would take to visit any sitting president at the White House. Can we just walk in because we are on vacation or on a business trip and happened to be in that area? What would be some factors of whether we would meet him?

  • Like if the president was there at all when we got there. It wouldn’t be the same if we just wanted to see the building rather than visit the person who occupies that building? But it’s about who’s there.
  • Or if the president had an existing meeting or special ceremony with another head of state, would he put that aside to see me at the door? Many people in high authority would not understand being pushed to visit a stranger who happened to drop in.
  • But if I were the president’s young son or daughter and they came bursting in to see “daddy”, there would be a distinct element of understanding, if not humor. If the president quickly explained and things got back to the occasion or ceremony, no harm done.

The list could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the idea about who gains access depends on how well the person in charge knows the person wanting to gain entrance. The level of importance is commensurate with the level of authority of who we are trying to see or talk to.

In our prayer lives, how do we gain access to God? Does it depend of if we are a believer or not?  It depends on how we understand God. Why did He mention prayer so often in the Scripture when we tend to find so few minutes to be in it? Do we feel He may be too busy? Or does He know that WE are too busy? Or do some think He might be preoccupied with all the other prayer requests to recognize our petition? Or maybe we think our request to too complicated or may take too much time.

So, the question remains, what does it take to get in the audience of God? Do we need to travel to get there? Do we need to be of a certain pre-established level of dedication or obedience to get in?  The answer is in the Scripture.

Come in reverence. Come in respect. Come in admiration. Come in worship. Come in sincerity. Come in authenticity. Come in humility. Come in utter awe at His majesty, His power, and His availability. And don’t come expecting that He won’t do anything…

“Lord, thank You for the avenue of prayer, the vehicle of prayer, and the idea of prayer. Thank You for making a way to be in Your presence without traveling, without hesitation, and without reservation. And thank You for listening in the way You do to digest our request, our praise, and our worship to formulate the response back to us. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

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